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Krypton is now Akamai MFA

I founded Krypton with the idea that strong, cryptographic authentication should be easy for everyone to use. In September 2019, Akamai acquired the Krypton technology. Since then we've been busy building something new: a product that stands on the giant shoulders of the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform to take Krypton to a whole new level.

I'm excited to announce Akamai MFA. It’s the future of the Krypton technology and the beginning of an innovative new authentication service that delivers phish-proof push-based multi-factor authentication, a delightful user-experience, and strong cryptography to companies across the world.

Akamai MFA is not just an authenticator, it's a service that runs on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform to help you verify the identity of your users in a fast, secure, and frictionless way. Akamai MFA makes it easy to deploy the most cutting-edge authentication protection in front of any website or application and in the form factor that makes sense to you and your users.

By leveraging Krypton's cutting-edge authenticator technology and the power and breadth of Akamai's platform, we can finally make strong, cryptographic authentication accessible to the masses.


Will Akamai MFA’s "unphishable" push authentication work with third-party websites like Twitter and Dropbox?

Yes! Akamai MFA will not only protect your corporate accounts, but also many of your personal accounts with the same great push-based (unphishable) authentication. This is the first push-based authenticator (besides Krypton) to offer a roaming FIDO2 cross-platform authenticator in the form factor you know and love: your smartphone. Note: Compatibility with third-party sites may vary.

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